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729 Responses to “Show Us Your Ride”

  1. Mike A

    Drove Route 66 fromChicago to Santa Monica in 2019 without any problems.

  2. Ron M.

    This is like the car I retired from work with back in 2013.

  3. DanMackintosh

    Enjoy sharing my ride with family and friends.

  4. Paul Gero

    Didn't finish my post 1970 Chevelle SS-454 LS-5 4-spd Convertible Owned 25years 1970 El-Camino SS-396 Auto Owned 20 years !970 Chevell Hardtop SS-454 LS-6 4-spd Owned 45 years

  5. CharlesE McKenna

    Owned since 1968

  6. ralph scarfo

    my 57 NOMAD, mild custom, lowered, skirts, two tone paint.

  7. Colonel Joe Rose

    Mega time and effort provides many rewards.

  8. Robert

    1965 ChevyC10, 305/350 auto

  9. Sean McCowen

    I bought this new in 1992. F350, 7.3 L IDI Diesel, four-wheel-drive, crew cab, long box, five speed hog leg. It has served many purposes, from Pulling goosenecks, Hauling kids and toys to just bumping around in the woods, It’s been a great truck. It continues to work daily. It is an ongoing project for a couple of months each winter. The frame has been blasted and coated With Eastwood Rust encapsulater And top coated flat black. Four-wheel disc brakes all around by Lugnuts. All new Moog front end components, 4” Rough country suspension lift And steering stabilizer, New steering box from Redhead, fresh meats from Cooper tires, And a 6 foot paint Job by Maaco.. Those are the highlights

  10. Tony Moller

    Car was restored over 7 years, 2005-2012 in memory of my dad, Ken Moller. He owned the car from 1980-1998 before he passed.