Steel Nostalgia Steering Column

steering column Even the most basic hot rods need turn signals and a horn. That’s why Speedway Motors now offers a clean, traditional-looking Stainless Steel Nostalgia Steering Column that incorporates a turn signal switch and horn function.

Building on the success of Speedway Motors’ popular Hot Rod Steering Column, the Stainless Steel Nostalgia Steering Column combines a simple, clean design with increased functionality that makes it perfect for a full spectrum of street rods, classic trucks and other vintage specialty vehicles. The 30-inch long column features a 1¾-inch stainless steel main tube that is available in a brushed or mirror-polished finish. A stylish 3-inch diameter bell at the top of the column contains the turn signal assembly, hazard light switch and horn components. Inside the sleek exterior is a ¾-inch steel steering shaft with a 36-spline end. The Nostalgia Steering Column accepts common 1969-94 GM-style steering wheels and adapters.

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One Response to “Steel Nostalgia Steering Column”

  1. Kevin McClure

    Have a 67 SS chevelle. The steering column is not fastened to dash frame. How should I proceed?