Corbin Clamp Pliers

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Duration:   2  mins

Using the right tool for the right job ensures the task is completed efficiently and safely. Using a pliers, channel lock or vise grips for Corbin clamp pliers can be a sure recipe for trouble. Mark Simpson shows how this relatively simple tool makes short work of installing hose clamps.

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    • Customer Service

      Hello Lawrence,

      There are many different styles of Corbin Clamp Pliers and all of them work about the same.

      There are a couple different versions shown in this video, One is a Craftsman version that is still available the other one that was used in the demonstration is an older version I am not certain is still available, but I picked this one up at a local swap meet,

      I like the older style, while my son prefers the newer versions.

      You can still find the older ones at swap meets and online auction sites.

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