Mark Simpson

Pour Choices

Mark Simpson
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Duration:   1  mins

Our classic cars require several different fluids to keep them in running order. However, the containers they come in don’t always make pouring a little more fluid an easy task. Adding brake fluid, automatic transmission fluid, power steering fluid, etc… can be a tricky situation on many classic cars, often resulting in the cleanup of spilled fluids.

Fortunately the task of pouring fluids can be made a lot easier with the stuff you already have. Mark Simpson demonstrates how many of the fluid bottles we commonly use share the same size and thread of other bottles. Making it an easy task to add a little brake fluid using the pointed cap from a gear oil bottle, or adding just a little power steering fluid using a cap from a dish soap bottle. Many caps have self closing/sealing features also like sport drink tops, making it easy to keep a spare in the trunk of your car.

So stop wrestling with trying to get a bottle into tight spaces or searching the garage for the right funnel, when the best solution may already be sitting on your shelf. There are several pouring choices to make when determining the best bottle top for your situation, but with a little time, your efforts will be rewarded with years of trouble free pouring.

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