Mark Simpson

How to Stop Brake Fluid Leak

Mark Simpson
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Duration:   1  mins

Commonly used DOT 3 & 4 brake fluids are notorious for their ability to damage paint. Here’s a quick tip to stop brake fluid from leaking and keep your engine compartment looking its best.

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4 Responses to “How to Stop Brake Fluid Leak”

  1. SteveC

    Where can I get one of those high tech fender covers?

  2. Travis

    You got to be kidding me, if you need to watch a video on how to literally not spill a fluid your pouring in your vehicle you literally have no business working on any vehicle.... The video is titled " How to stop brake fluid leak " when in reality it should be titled " How to not spill brake fluid when refilling reservoir ". I came here to see how to stop brake fluid leaking (from engine) , not how to stop brake fluid leaking when you have single digit I.Q.'s.

  3. David

    I pay for this service; why is it showing me a non-skippable ad?

  4. Danny

    How to Prevent Brake Fluid Leaking! My Wilwood Reservoir on my car actually leaks fluid down my firewall and has removed the paint!

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