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United Pacific LED Mirrors and Light Bezels

Mark Simpson
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We’ve long been a big fan of United Pacific’s great line of LED lighting solutions, from intensely bright LED headlights to trick sequential tail lights, but did you know they also offer classic car trim and body panels too. When our good friend Shawn mentioned he wanted to add some of their state-of-the-art LED side mirrors and black anodized billet trim to his great look early Ford Bronco we couldn’t wait to lend a hand. With thousands of parts in their catalog for classic cars, they have a solution for many enthusiasts out there.

Their black anodized aluminum trim components are also offered in more traditional silver finish, but the color scheme and design of this classic Bronco called for this great looking styling change. These components aren’t just a pretty face, they’re designed to last as each one is machined from a solid piece of aircraft quality aluminum and brilliantly anodized to prevent corrosion. We had previously upgraded this great ride with LED lighting, but these great trim pieces helped set it apart from the rest.

Finally we turn our attention to the side mirrors, United Pacific’s Ford Bronco side mirrors are a dead match to the factory original mirrors with the added benefit of having stealth like LED turn signal indicators in the mirror face. Virtually undetectable while off, once you turn the turn-signals on you’ll have the added safety of alerting cars and motorcyclists alongside of you of your intention to turn or change lanes.

United Pacific has built a strong reputation of manufacturing quality parts that stand the test of time and we’re certain these upgrades will also deliver years of trouble free performance.

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