Master Guide to Winterizing Classic Cars

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Day 1

Preparing Your Car for Winter Storage

Day 2

How to Keep Mice Out of Your Car

Day 3

Proper Battery Charging

Day 4

Battery Disconnect

Day 5

Classic Cars and Modern Fluids

Day 6

Yearly Brake System Maintenance

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4 Responses to “Master Guide to Winterizing Classic Cars”

  1. Andrew

    Need a 71 chevy k20 wiring diagram in color and where they go updating to none glass fuse box and new wires but new harness didn't come with diagram ceossover

  2. Nate

    Intro - new to the site

  3. Geary

    What do you recommend to protect the vehicle paint? Tire dressing? Lifting the vehicle off the ground? Cleaning under the car? Preserving the interior? What is your opinion about having the vehicle covered while stored in building?

  4. Kirk

    Thank you, Mark ,for those tips ! If you could only put that in a printable form as a check list ?