How To Keep Mice Out of Your Car

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Duration: 8:39

Rodents just seem attracted to classic cars, perhaps it’s the all-natural materials used in older interiors, or the wealth of little areas to sneak in, or perhaps it’s just a nice enclosed area to spend the winter undisturbed. If you own classic cars long enough, sooner or later these pesky creatures will visit you too. The best offense though is a good defense, and Mark Simpson explores building a solid game plan to win this battle. Scents, traps, sound and poison can all help build a wall between them and your car. Taking the right steps in how your car is stored can also keep them from ever getting close. Check out how to keep mice out of your car.

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3 Responses to “How To Keep Mice Out of Your Car”

  1. Steven Barker

    Good advice on how to get mice out of the car. Did you know about some mouse repellent products from Grandpa Gus? I just bought some products. It seem like helpful.

  2. Dorinda Yates

    Any advice on how to remove mice urine stains from white vinyl upholstery? Thanks.

    • Customer Service

      Hello Dorinda,

      Here is what our experts had to say regarding your question:

      One product we like for removing stains on vinyl and rubber is “Wesley’s Bleche-Wite” available at most auto parts stores.
      Spray it on, let it soak for a minute or two then wipe off.
      As with any product, try it first in an area that doesn’t show…
      Also use a toothbrush to scrub on woven or seam area stains.

      Classic Car Restoration Club

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