Your Top 5 Restoration Videos of 2021

We always love to know what our members enjoy most from Classic Car Restoration Club, so we took a look at our most popular restoration projects, how-to videos, and tips over the past year. Here are your top five favorites from Classic Car Restoration Club in 2021!

1. Removing Decals from Your Car

Whether it’s a decal that came with the car or one you put on yourself and regretted later, this video shows you how to remove even the most stubborn decals without ruining the underlying paint on your classic car. Watch video now!

2. Refurbishing Aluminum

Straightening and polishing aluminum can be intimidating, but this video was a favorite when it came to preparing for the task. We show you how to remove dents and scratches from your aluminum trim and return them to a polished luster. Watch video now!

3. Mixing Body Filler

It’s important to know the correct way to mix body filler if you want to achieve the best results. In this video, we share some insights to help you mix body filler properly with the right ratio and consistency. Watch video now!

4. Controlling a Universal Joint Socket

Many of us are probably familiar with the frustration of using a universal joint socket that just keeps, well, uh, going a little limp. This useful tip will give you more precision and control when using your universal joint socket so you can get the job done. Watch video now!

5. Rebuilding Hood Hinges

Rebuilding and recoating your classic’s hood hinges is an often overlooked detail in the restoration process, but this video was a favorite among our community members. Learn how to remove, rebuild, and recoat your hood hinges in this video. Watch video now!

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2 Responses to “Your Top 5 Restoration Videos of 2021”

  1. Voituees Anciennes

    Thank you for sharing your passionate professionalism. Our beautiful classics would not last without expert hands and wise advice.

  2. Roger Ortiz Jr.

    These videos are priceless. My current project is a 1970Monte Carlo. These videos will definitely come i