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Missing Fuse Block

Q. I was asked by a good friend for assistance resolving some electrical problems he was having with his 1949 Ford F1 pickup. Even after searching awhile, I could not locate the fuse block. Where is the fuse block located? A. Cars and trucks prior to the 1960s seldom have what we usually recognize as…

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Are New Cars Ruining Old Car Shows?

The warmth of the sun felt good on the back of my neck as I joined several old friends who had gathered in the grassy area next to the parking lot where our classic cars were on display. A warm weekend in Minnesota in late September tends to bring everyone out, as the knowledge there…

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Door Skin Therapy

“The truth often lies beneath the surface and is not revealed until you scrape away the layers.” As work progressed on one of our project cars, we realized no truer words had ever been spoken. We chose to remove the old paint chemically, as rust was minimal and we did not want to risk warping…

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New Life for an Old Hemi

Having built my share of street rods and customs over the years, I’ll be the first to admit my engine of choice was most often a small-block Chevrolet. Its compact size, availability of inexpensive performance parts, and power potential made it an easy choice. These simple facts make it the go-to choice for thousands of…

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Timing a T-Bird

Q. I have a 65 t-bird with a 390 and I just changed over to electronic ignition. It runs great and starts right up. No pinging or missing. I want to make sure the timing is right but I cannot see a timing mark on the balancer. I found the indicator but no mark. Is…

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FAST Points Conversion for Classic Cars

Users can benefit from modern day, digital technology with the FAST® XR-i Replacement Module included in a new points conversion kit. This system will do away with points setting and float, which can rob engines of power and performance. The XR-i is a compact module that bolts directly in place of the breaker point assembly.…

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Multi Carb Vacuum Issues

Q. I have a 216 in my 37 Chevy with 3 Holley 94 carbs on progressive linkage. The center carb has the vacuum hook up to advance the distributor. The distributor turns with vacuum applied but there is not enough vacuum from carb I tried it by sucking on line and distributor turns. Would it…

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