• CCRC LIVE! November 2020

    Join Mark and Gary Simpson for our November CCRC Q&A! They will talk all things car repair and upholstery. Join us Monday, November 30th at 6:00 pm CT to get your questions answered live.

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  • 1:06:10

    CCRC LIVE! September 2020

    Watch Classic Car Restoration Club’s LIVE Q&A! Mark and Gary Simpson answered questions about how to get rid of rust, how to properly upholster and how to spot a beautiful car with a seedy underbelly. Also, make sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay on top of our interesting news and great deals…

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  • 1:02:00

    CCRC LIVE! July 2020

    Catch up on our CCRC LIVE Q&A’s! Mark and Gary Simpson answer viewers questions for this July question and answer. Join CCRC Editor, Mark Simpson, and upholstery expert, Gary Simpson, this month to get all of your questions answered. If you missed it live, don’t miss the next monthly Q&A.

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  • 1:02:21

    CCRC LIVE! June 2020

    Catch up with us if you missed our June LIVE Q&A. Mark and Gary Simpson answered plenty of LIVE viewer questions. Join us for the next Q&A in July.

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  • 1:10:57

    CCRC LIVE! Virtual Car Show

    Thank you to everyone who watch our first ever Virtual Classic Car Show on June 4th, 2020. If you missed it you can watch a replay right now. Another huge thank you to everyone who sent in their cars for us to look at. Mark and Gary Simpson chose 4 submissions to award entries. If…

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  • 1:13:09

    CCRC LIVE! May 2020

    On this month’s CCRC Q&A Mark was joined by special guest Gary Simpson. Watch as they answered viewers questions LIVE and chatted all things Classic Cars!

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  • 1:08:29

    CCRC LIVE! April 2020

    Join Classic Car Restoration Club instructor Mark Simpson and his son Gary as they answer LIVE viewer questions! They chat about Car Shows in 2020, how to present your car for sale, and much more. Tune in now if you missed it LIVE!

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  • 1:03:15

    CCRC LIVE! February 2020

    This month on CCRC LIVE, Mark Simpson and Ross Kheil answered viewer questions about the best model to build out for a beginner, how to sell a car that has been sitting in your shop, and many personal model questions. Check it out now if you missed it live!

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  • 1:08:34

    CCRC LIVE! January 2020

    During January’s LIVE Q&A, Mark Simpson and special guest Ross Kiehl answered member questions about lead removal and safety, seam sealers, paint cracking problems and fun stories of turning a pile of scraps into a great car!

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