New Classic Car Products

The staff at Classic Car Restoration Club is proud to bring you the latest new product press releases as they become available. This is not an endorsement by the club of these products but rather the information as we received it. Manufacturers are always looking to understand the needs of the marketplace, and just may have the solution you are looking for.

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NotcHead AN Wrench Insert Kit

We all love tools but sometimes we wish we could use the ones we have and not have to buy additional specialty tools. The fine folks at NotcHead feel your pain and have introduced sets of inserts designed to turn your existing open-end wrenches into non-marring AN fitting wrenches. As the inserts wear, they can…

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Small Block Ford Downdraft EFI Manifold

The Speedmaster Individual throttle body EFI system has all the flash of classic Weber induction but provides a higher state of tune and engine performance versatility of EFI. Delivering crisp EFI performance with systems capable of supporting high hp. Fuel and air are delivered through precision cast aluminum 50mm IDA style throttle bodies. For more…

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1947-‘54 Chevrolet Truck Bumper Guard

Finding a good original ’47-’54 Chevy pickup front bumper guard is a difficult task at best, but now the folks at KNS has made the task a lot easier with their newly released bumper guard. KNS has brought back the popular grille guard with a redesigned fit to cover both OEM and aftermarket bumpers. The…

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Bronco Rear Jump Seat

Early Ford Broncos are hot in the collector car market, but finding one with the original rear jump seat still in place can sometimes be tricky. The great staff at Distinctive Industries answered the call with their release of the new 1968-77 Ford Bronco assembled rear jump seat with storage compartment. Based on original style…

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Buick-Style Finned Aluminum Brake Drum

Building a traditional styled hot rod often involves spending days looking for the right parts then hoping they’re good enough to use. Our friends at Speedway Motors have been providing the parts racers and hot rodder’s have wanted for decades and their latest release proves it. Speedway Motors has just released their new Buick style…

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1968-76 Chevy Corvette Wiring Update Kit

Upgrading the wiring harness in your ’68-’76 Chevrolet Corvette just got a lot easier thanks to the fine folks at American Autowire. Their new wiring update kit is a modernized, vehicle-specific wiring system for a 1968-76 Chevy Corvette. This kit includes modern style fuse panel, extra circuits for additional power accessories, ability to connect to…

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High Performance Motor Oil for Classic Cars

Finding good synthetic oil that has the zinc protection classic car owners demand can be challenging. The crew at Driven Racing Oil has answered the call with their GP-1 line of Synthetic Blend High Performance Motor Oils they are uniquely formulated from Pennsylvania Grade Petroleum, compounded with a high zinc additive package to deliver maximum…

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Electronic Fan Controller with Bluetooth

Our friends at Dakota Digital have released their new Electronic Fan Controller, The PAC-2800BT was designed for the ultimate in flexibility and to be a simple add-on in any application using an electric fan. Included is a 70amp relay, enough for the most power hungry of cooling fans. Fully programmable, the PAC-2800BT will work with…

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Early Mustang Electric Power Steering

Flaming River has recently released a new electric power steering (Microsteer) kit for 1965-66 Mustangs and is assembled with the column to provide easier steering effort. The kit comes complete with a quick ratio, full turning radius manual Rack and pinion patented cradle for easy replacement of the stock steering box. The Microsteer unit and…

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