Convert LS Engines to Front Drive Distributors

A new front drive distributor kit from COMP Cams® provides an alternative to installing a complete computer and fuel injection system when trans¬planting a late model LS engine into an older street performance vehicle. The kit is also designed so that racers can now run an LS style engine in classes that require a distributor… Read more »

FAST Points Conversion for Classic Cars

Users can benefit from modern day, digital technology with the FAST® XR-i Replacement Module included in a new points conversion kit. This system will do away with points setting and float, which can rob engines of power and performance. The XR-i is a compact module that bolts directly in place of the breaker point assembly…. Read more »

Manifold and Exhaust Coating

The makers of HushMat launch ZyCoat, LLC and introduce ZyBar Manifold and Exhaust Coating, a game-changing new product for the automotive industry. The first product in the ZyCoat line of the first-of-their kind themal coatings, ZyBar will be available on or before January 15, 2017. ZyBar will be sold through automotive wholesale distribution, engine builders… Read more »

ESAB Rebel Portable Welders

ESAB Welding and Cutting announced its new Rebel 235ic Series of welding machines, offering industrial multi-process performance in a portable, integrated package. With two models to choose from, Rebel EMP 235ic for MIG/Stick/TIG and Rebel EM 235ic for MIG-only, Rebel 235ic is the most mobile welder in its class and has the power and performance… Read more »

FAST XDi EZ-Run Distributors

A revolutionary new line of distributors from FAST® is designed to “plug and play” thanks to the removal of the external ignition box. FAST XDi EZ-Run™ Distributors come in a convenient package that saves time and space since an ignition box is not required to fire the coil, while a standard-size cap offers more firewall… Read more »

Inglese EZ-EFI System

The latest aluminum intake manifold from Inglese is cast specifically for Big Block Chevrolet engines and available in kits for hot and street rods, providing a classic look but with the increased performance and drivability fuel injection offers. A complete bolt-on kit (Part# NG4104E for rectangle port or NG4105E for oval port) supporting up to… Read more »

Instrument Sets for 1947-54 Chevrolet Pickups

If you like the look of the instruments Chevrolet used from 1947 to 1954 in their pickup trucks then you’re going to fall in love these all new, updated and upgraded direct replacements manufactured by CON2R in Beaverton, OR. From the typeface to the embossed background textures, these instruments demonstrate how “factory stock” was elevated… Read more »

IR PowerSocket Busts Loose Stubborn Bolts

Ingersoll Rand has released their new PowerSocket is an innovative solution that delivers up to 50 percent more torque compared to a stand-alone impact tool. The PowerSocket can bust loose virtually any bolt, no matter how stubborn and rusted. Its unique design and robust power loosens hard-to-remove fasteners, bolts and lug nuts fast, saving mechanics… Read more »

Most Powerful Impact Wrench Available

Ingersoll Rand released its new IQV20 W5132 3/8” ImpactoolTM — the most powerful cordless 3/8” impact tool on the market. The IQV20 W5132 has 550 foot-pounds of nut-busting torque and 365 foot-pounds of max reverse torque. It delivers up to 50 percent more torque compared to the leading cordless 3/8” impact wrench. It matches the… Read more »