Gassers “Gas Bubble” 1963 Plymouth Fury

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While visiting New Jersey Dennis Gage takes a moment to enjoy Andy Wickenheisser’s latest gasser creation dubbed “Gas Bubble”. Andy’s 60s flavored custom borrows styling themes from gasser drag cars of the period as well as the bubble roof design popular on the 60s show car circuit with famous rides by Big Daddy Ed Roth and Darryl Starbird.

Based on a 1963 Plymouth Fury, Andy’s gasser creation includes: Removing the entire roof and replacing it with a huge blown Lexan bubble, Passing the exhaust stacks right through the hood, Straight axle front suspension, 383ci engine and 60’s styled custom paint. Together these modifications create a one-of-a-kind dream ride. Dennis learns the principles of the “Green House Effect” as he talks Andy into a test drive of “Gas Bubble”.

Tags: 1963 Plymouth Fury, 383ci engine, Andy Wickenheisser, classic car restoration, classic car videos, hot rods, Premium Videos