Mark Simpson & Bob Wilson

Glove Box Detailing

Mark Simpson & Bob Wilson
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Duration:   8  mins

Complete classic car restoration is actually a collection of numerous smaller restoration projects. And it’s the quality and quantity of these smaller restoration projects that determines the overall quality of the final car. If your plan is to reach for the top rung of the ladder on your restoration, you’ll need to pay close attention to every detail of your car, so it presents “as new.” While many car restorers seek a good-driving, show-car level of restoration, for those who are driven by the details, only an “as delivered from the factory” appearance will do. This can even include minor details, from the condition of the cigarette lighter in the car to the inside of the glove box.

We met up with Bob Wilson of RJ Restorations in Farmington, MN, who has built a reputation on building high-dollar, highly detailed, concours-level Mustang and Ford restorations. Wilson shares some of the detailing tips and tricks he employs when building cars in his shop. Watch as he takes us through the process of glove box detailing in a 1971 Boss Mustang and takes it to a level few restorers even consider. No detail is overlooked at RJ Restorations, from the finish on the staples to the exact location of the warranty clip in the back of the glove box, and it’s this level of commitment that can bring your car into the winner’s circle as well.

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