Rat Fink Reunion Part 1 (Intro, ’54 Ford, ’39 Buick, ’20 Ford Model T)

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Join Dennis Gage as he heads to Manti, UT, home of the Late Custom Car legend “Big Daddy” Ed Roth. Once a year Ed’s wife Eileen, opens up their home for an inside look at the stuff Ed collected and the workshop he created many inspirational cars in. Then Dennis travels to the local car show that honors this event. You’ll see Scott Anderson’s 1954 Skyliner Custom, with a chopped top and Plexi roof powered by a 312 Y-block this is one smooth ride.

Next he visits with Harold Wiley who brought out his Kindig Design built 1939 Buick Special, this low and smooth 4-door sedan is a real sleeper until you pop the hood and discover a 400+Hp LS2 engine resting between the rails. Finally Dennis could not resist checking out Doug Taylors great looking 1920 Ford Center Door Model T and custom trailer, powered by a Buick 3.8L V6 engine and all of the comforts of a modern car.

Tags: 1920 Ford Model T, 1939 Buick Special, 1954 Skyliner Custom, classic car restoration, classic car videos, classic cars, Ed Roth, Premium Videos, Rat Fink