1969 SC Rambler

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At the heart of the Muscle Car Era, cars looked as loud as they sounded. This was by design, so they’d stand out on the street or the racetrack. The 1969 SC Rambler is no exception, and although it was the last year for the rambler model before transitioning to AMC, they went out with a bang. This car was built to be a race car, and with just one look you can tell that. Closer inspection reveals how potent this little powerhouse is.

Powered by a ram air 390 cubic inch engine, that was fully upgraded by Hurst and mated to a 4-speed transmission. With only about 1,500 of these great cars made there’s little question why Dennis Gage traveled to southern Indiana to check out this fine example owned by Joey Lange, and naturally Dennis couldn’t resist getting behind the wheel to relive the glory days of muscle cars in the driver’s seat of a 1969 SC Rambler.

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