Paint Spray Gun Cleaning & Storage

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Duration: 12:12

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As hard as it is to believe nowadays, there was a time when all cars were painted by brush with several coats of Japanese and Nitrocellulose Lacquer. Spray painting cars began in the 1930’s and over the years has become the standard for applying the cars finish. Professionals and hobbyists alike have perfected this process, although many have fallen victim to the ravages of a poorly cleaned spray gun.

The modern paint spray gun is an engineering marvel, with numerous small passages designed to atomize the paint into extremely fine droplets in an effort to lay down a glass like finish. Unfortunately it’s these same micro-fine air passages that can be easily clogged and render even the best spray gun useless.

The key to achieving consistently great results when painting cars is to keep the equipment clean and in “new” working condition. Understanding the right way to clean a spray gun after each use will ensure it will perform at its best next time you use it. However, we are always surprised how often we hear tales of malfunctioning spray guns. To help us out, Paint & body professional Terry Wright demonstrates the proper methods to disassemble, clean and store our spray painting equipment. Wright also shares some great cleaning tips and dispels some common cleaning and storage mistakes.