Rat Fink Reunion – Part 2 – (’41 Chevrolet PU, ‘67 Chevrolet)

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Dennis Gage finishes up his time in Manti, UT, at the Rat Fink Reunion Car show by checking out Myron Tolf’s awesome ’41 Chevrolet pickup rat rod. Tolf’s creativity is evident everywhere on this great ride, from the unique vintage fuel can gas tank to the 1953 Orbinhaus blower atop the 454-cubic-inch engine. Keeping with the Chevrolet theme, this pickup remains true to its GM roots from grille to tailgate. Also catching Dennis’s eye was Paul Wilkinson’s Custom Roadster pickup. This is one old farm truck you’ll never keep on the farm. Wilkinson removed the roof, creating a modern twist on the legendary roadster pickup. Then he widened the bed, added a turbocharger, smoothed everything out and covered it all in a stunning Apple Red paint.

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