Rear View Mirror Replacement on an Early Mustang

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Duration: 4:46

Building a high-quality restoration is all about the details, and one of those often overlooked details is the rear view mirror. But, there are few items on your classic car that you’ll look at more. We venture to RJ Restorations in Farmington, MN to visit owner Bob Wilson. It’s Bob’s relentless attention to detail that has made his services sought after by enthusiasts across the country.

Bob admits when restoring a classic car. Seldom does the rearview mirror return to the car without some level of restoration. While seldom does Wilson use reproduction parts for his concurs quality restorations, at times the customer’s need to cut restoration expenses using good quality parts like those offered by United Pacific Industries make the decision a lot easier.

Wilson shows us a sampling of original mirrors he’s prepared to be sent out to be re-silvered. He admits it’s not a perfect process and only 50-60% of the mirrors he re-silvers meet his discerning eye when they return. Given the expense of the process he admits it’s not the best solution for every build.

We join Bob as he sets out to upgrade the rearview mirror in a great looking 428 cubic inch, 1969 Ford Mustang Mach I. The owner of this outstanding ride complained the mirror never stayed in position while driving and was becoming yellowed and foggy around the edges.

Thankfully the folks at United Pacific Industries reproduced all the right parts to make short work of this upgrade and Wilson shares a neat little trick to help you get your mirror back in the right spot if it becomes unglued from the glass.