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Join Dennis Gage as he takes an up close look at famed pinstriping artist Von Hot Rod’s personal custom cars. Almost out of character Hot Rod’s 1939 Plymouth screams 90s street rod and that’s the way he likes it. From its monotone teal paint, one-piece hood, tweed interior, Drag Star wheels and digital dash this Plymouth has faithfully captured a moment in hot rod history.

Next Dennis explores his Von Hot Rod’s 1942 Mercury Coupe, a recreation of his father’s car build in the late 50s. This great ride features many 50s custom touches, including: Chrysler Powered with push-button transmission, ’54 Mercury frenched headlights, peaked hood, Studebaker grille, custom interior, ’55 olds Fiesta hubcaps, drop front axle, big and little tires and much more. This Mercury pays homage to Von Hot Rod’s heritage while preserving a bit of early custom car heritage.

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