Mustang LED Taillight Conversion

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Duration: 32:22

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LED taillights have become commonplace on modern cars. Their added brightness and nearly bulletproof reliability have changed what we expect in automotive lighting. Thankfully manufacturers like United Pacific Industries saw the need to bring this revolution in lighting to the classic car enthusiast. Today we walk you through an LED taillight conversion to show how easy the process is.

There are lots of choices available now for the classic car owner in regards to LED taillight conversion, and all lighting solutions are not equal. We’ve installed a few different brands and the offerings from United Pacific are clearly among the best. The circuit boards are sealed to keep out dirt and moisture, yet still offer unique functions that set them apart, like sequential operation at the flip of a switch.

We joined acclaimed Mustang restorer Bob Wilson of RJ Restorations in Farmington, Minnesota to get his impression of the fit, quality, and ease of installation on a set of 1969 Ford Mustang taillights. Wilson was quick to point out how substantial this set of taillights feels right out of the package, with quality that matched the original lenses. Bob too has conducted lesser-grade LED taillight conversion in early Mustangs, and acknowledges that these lights certainly set the bar a lot higher.

Follow along as Wilson installs a set of these great lights in the tail of an equally impressive 1969 Mustang Mach I, powered by a ground pounding Cobra Jet engine. Of course once you hit the brakes the whole shop exclaimed “Wow! Those are bright.” But the fun didn’t end there, with a flip of the turn signal lever the real magic begins with the lights sequential operation.

This is a great way to add safety and reliability to your classic ride, without spending a lot of money. And should you want to return to stock configuration in the future, you can revert back with less than an hour’s worth of effort.