LED Tail Lights Challenge

Duration: 1:39

Car enthusiasts have argued the merits of white LED tail lights versus red LED tail lights bulb. Those that state the white LED bulbs are better in taillights insist they’re just brighter…period. While those that claim the red LED bulbs are better point out that the red taillight lens filters out much of the white light and all of the red LED light travels through. We decided to put it to the test.

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5 Responses to “LED Tail Lights Challenge”
  1. Chris

    The White vs. Red LED comparison is a poor way to perform such a test. If you really want to see how much brighter the red LED is then you should be comparing the White LED behind a Red lense to that of the Red LED behind a clear lense.

  2. Todd

    Perhaps actually measuring the lumens produced by each bulb with a light meter would add some scientific validity to the challenge – as it stands your challenge is did nothing to confirm that either is better than the other.

  3. John

    I’ve experimented with both colour bulbs and have come up with different results depending on the lens.
    My Harley (red lens) is better with the white bulb. My 66 Chev Biscayne I put Red bulbs in the clear lens (old reverse lights / Don’t worry I put reverse lights under the bumper) & white bulbs in the red lenses. Also never had a great experience with LEDs behind red glass lenses on my 23 T.

  4. WAYNE

    No mention of the voltage changes in turn signals that seem to require some kind of a resister added to keep the led lights from flashing too quickly, or blowing the led right out.