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Brand Loyalty

“Come on, there must be a Ford guy out there somewhere,” the auctioneer announced sharply as bidding stalled at $3,500 for a beautifully restored Model T. Years ago we traveled nearly 250 miles to attend an auction of two private collectors who, before their… Read More

Good Neighbors

Opening the tattered manila folder, I carefully laid out the plans for my new garage addition across the counter for review by the City Planner. I’d gone through these same processes years before when I built my home shop, although now the rules had changed. Read More

Plan for Success

A loud groan from the car trailer’s suspension broke the silence as we winched the old Ford truck aboard. The old pickup was once Ralph’s dream, as thoughts of driving his family around the neighborhood or in the local Fourth of July parade fueled his passion. Read More

A Tale of Two Seasons

There’s something about those late winter days in Minnesota when the thermometer finally breaks the freezing mark (on the way up) that ignites something deep in your soul. Perhaps it’s the thought of spring and summer, and confidence the driving season will soon be upon… Read More

My Job Sucks… Sometimes

Midnight was quickly approaching. My office was quiet. Only the tapping on my keyboard broke the silence. It’s no secret I complete the lion’s share of my writing well after hours. It’s a time when I can become lost in my thoughts, and am free of… Read More

Hidden Treasures

Entering the main gate at a local swap meet, the early morning sun was already beginning to feel warm. I was quickly reminded of all the similar meets I’d attended over the years. There is nothing quite like the smells of “Fair” food and old car… Read More

Junkyard Tech

Clack… Clack… Clack… The windshield wipers’ melodic tone made our two-hour trip seem much longer. The allure of a seldom-visited yard packed with vintage cars and parts beckoned us. The light mist in the air was certainly not enough to dampen our enthusiasm. Just a couple… Read More

UnCommon Sense

As I wrote my blog post a few weeks ago memories of past engine startups can rushing back, and the trials and tribulations involved with each were nearly as vivid today as they were years ago. One such instance has stuck with me and remains etched… Read More