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Hood to Trunk Restoration Projects Video Download




Video Download: Hood to Trunk Restoration Projects

The quality of any car restoration is the sum of numerous small parts restorations. In this great download, Mark Simpson takes you through many common restoration topics and how to restore some common parts. He demonstrates how to adjust hood hinges, zinc phosphate coating and how to properly remove and recondition the springs. Simpson also takes you through the process of rebuilding ball and trunnion driveshaft joints, common to many early cars and trucks.

Then Gary Simpson takes you through the processes to straighten and polish aluminum and stainless trim. Mark then demonstrates the process of installing new weather strip by upgrading the truck seal in our project car.

Finally, we take a look at some great products for converting the bright zinc coating on fasteners. 80 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • Rebuilding Hood Hinges
  • Rebuilding a Ball and Trunnion Drive Shaft
  • Straightening Brightwork
  • Sound and Heat Insulation
  • Trunk Seal
  • Zinc Conversion Coating
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