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Video Download: Metal Fabrication Tips & Tools

Classic car restoration often involves some level of metal fabrication. Even if patch or replacement panels are available for your car, they’ll likely need some fabrication to make them fit as they should. Mark Simpson explains the use and function of some of his favorite metal cutting and fabrication tools.

We’ll take a close look at these great tools and how to use them:

  • Cleco panel holders: These blind clamping tools make it easy to hold panels tightly together until they can be welded.
  • Beadroller: When duplicating trunk floors or body panels, the bead roller serves to duplicate factory ribs and flanges while adding strength to metal panels.
  • English Wheel: Almost every steel panel on the outside of a classic car has a crown in it. This tool is perfect for duplicating panel crowns or even straightening badly dented panels.
  • Shrinker/Stretcher: Making pre-made patch panels fit properly can be a challenge, but here’s a tool that can make fast work of achieving a perfect fit, and a valuable tool when fabricating panels from scratch.
  • Sheetmetal Brake: If you’re fabricating a patch panel or a new battery box, a sheetmetal brake is a must-have tool in most restoration shops.
  • Plasma Cutter: In many shops this tool has replaced the Oxy/Acetylene torch for cutting metal, as its accuracy, control and versatility make it a highly useful tool.
  • We’ll also look at a great tip to quickly and cleanly pick up metal shavings without getting stuck.

    Total run time on this Video Download is 60 minutes.

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