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MIG Welding and Oxy/Acetylene Cutting Video Download




Video Download: MIG Welding and Oxy/Acetylene Cutting

MIG welding, or often referred to as “Wire-feed welding,” has become the standard for most home enthusiasts. With a moderate amount of practice almost any car enthusiast can create quality MIG welds.

But there are a few things you should consider to ensure your welds look good and have the strength you need. Gary Simpson takes you through the process including: Safety, Equipment, Setup and Adjustments.

Simpson then demonstrates the processes to prepare the metal for welding and the importance of removing mill scale before welding. Knowing how to weld different joint types is key to ensuring success when MIG welding. Gary explores many common MIG welding joints and thicknesses of material and demonstrates how to properly weld each of them.

Also, when doing a complete car restoration, you’re bound to find a few extra holes that have been drilled into your car over the years. We’ll demonstrate a couple different techniques to properly MIG plug weld to fill holes.

Once the Oxy Acetylene torch was the tool every car guy grabbed first and was a must-have for any die-hard car enthusiast. Advancements in MIG and TIG welders, plasma cutters and the like have diminished the need of this great shop tool. But the old gas axe still has its place in any well-equipped shop – and knowing how to use it safely and properly is key to your success. Mark Simpson demonstrates setup and safety as well as how to properly use an Oxy Acetylene cutting torch to cut steel plating.

Cutting tubing is a mainstay of metal fabrication. Fish mouthing is a process of creating a weldable joint when joining two pieces of round tubing, while jigs are available to simplify the process. Gary Simpson demonstrates how to create quality fish mouth tube joints using simple hand-tools.

Creating square cuts on round tubing with hand tools can be challenging too. Simpson demonstrates the process of laying out straight and square lines on round tubing and how to cut them.

Total run time on this Video Download is 61 minutes.

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