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Video Download: Restoration Tools, Tips & Techniques

If you’ve spent any time in the shop working on your classic car, you’re fully aware of the importance of having the right tool for the right job. But we all have to start somewhere, and for many of us our arsenal of shop tools was not a single purchase but rather an accumulation of a lifetime.

But what do you need to start restoring your classic car? Mark Simpson takes an inside look at the tools most car guys should consider to make car restoration easier, faster and safer. We’ll take an inside look at everything from screwdrivers to floor jacks and everything in-between.

Also included in this video, Simpson shares some of his favorite car restoration tips and techniques on everything from: Keeping spray nozzles clean; no-scratch fender covers; cleaning white-wall tires; cleaning/storing respirators; masking tape rejuvenation; and many more. These tips are proven time savers, certain to make your time in the shop more enjoyable.

We’ll take you through the process of at-home Powder Coating, from preparation to finished parts. Powder coating allows you to put a nearly bullet proof finish on car parts that is guaranteed to outlast most painting or plating techniques.

Plastic gauge and instrument lenses can become scratched and fogged over time, and for many enthusiasts reproduction lenses simply are not available. We’ll take you step-by-step through the process of restoring these plastic lenses to “like new” condition.

Total run time on this Video Download is 58 minutes.

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