Small Block Assembly, Clutch Replacement & Replacing a Master Cylinder Download


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Video Download: Small Block Assembly, Clutch Replacement & Replacing a Master Cylinder

If you’re around cars long enough, sooner or later you’ll need to do some serious work on driveline components. In this great video download Brent Ackley gives you a tour of his project ’56 Chevy as he takes on the task of rebuilding a small block 350 to rest between its rails. Ackley shares his insights on preparing the engine bay to receive its new motor with a few helpful tips along the way.

He then demonstrates the proper process to replace the clutch in your classic ride, then show you how to replace a master cylinder in his classic F-1 pickup. Ackley also demonstrates a few useful tools to make brake bleeding easy, offers car buying advice and much more! 67 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • Tour of the 1956 Chevy Project Car
  • Overview of the Rebuilt 350 Engine
  • Engine Assembly
  • Engine Compartment Prep
  • Clutch Replacement
  • Replacing a Master Cylinder
  • Tools You Gotta Know About: Brake Line Bleeders
  • Project Car Buying Advice
  • Replacing a Brake Switch
  • Covering Rusty Body Panels
  • Watch a preview of this Video Download below:




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