An Easy Out for Classic Car Repairs

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Duration:   2  mins

If you have ever gotten a bolt stuck in your classic car, you want to know how to use an EASY OUT. Brent Ackley shows you the slow, deliberate process so you can avoid making the expensive and time-costly mistake of having to repair a broken bolt. See how this technique helps avoid the need to make any classic car repairs in the future.

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One Response to “An Easy Out for Classic Car Repairs”

  1. Ron Jones

    Good info and works well if fastener isn’t rusted/corroded too badly. Not knowing before hand just how well the fastener is “welded” in I would handle the process a little differently. 1: soak with penetrant 20-30 min. 2: rap with a hammer a few time gently. 3: drill completely through the broken fastener if possible. This relieves some of the tension on the threads and will let the penetrant seep up to the threads as well. JM2CW

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