Replacing Bolts on Classic Muscle Cars

Duration: 0:56

Because classic muscle cars are usually older, their owners typically have to replace bolts more often than those of modern cars. Mark Oja teaches you two ways to do so, with one being more costly than the other. Once you determine that the bolts you removed are correct, Mark suggests buying a complete bolt replacement kit rather than spending money to have the old ones stripped, re-plated and reinstalled.

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3 Responses to “Replacing Bolts on Classic Muscle Cars”
  1. Mark Haynes

    Another option for rusted bolts is to immerse them in Phosphoric acid for around 8 hours, then rinse with HOT water. This removes the rust without removing metal, and replaces that Iron Oxide layer with an Iron Phosphate layer which is rust proof in and of itself. This preserves the integrity of the threads and the head and provides a layer of rust resistant coating. Phosphoric Acid can be sourced at any hardware store. just be sure to properly neutralize the acid when disposing of it (always add acid to water, not water to the acid or it will generate heat).