Tips for Timing the Engine of a Classic Car

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Duration: 1:01

Brent Ackley teaches you how to time an engine for a classic car. He explains that all you need is ordinary chalk to mark the timing marks between the harmonic balancer and timing grid.

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7 Responses to “Tips for Timing the Engine of a Classic Car”

  1. stephen

    Talking about Harmonic Balancers ,I replaced the one on my 95 Jeep Grand Cherokee Larado 4.0 about 1-2 months ago ,it was definetly shot .The new balancer I could not get the torque that was specified for the balancer bolt ,it is tight ,just could not get to the Torque spec with the click wrench , beyond pretty tight it just started spinning the Engine .About 2 weeks ago I started hearing a rattling / knocking noise from front of vehicle,checked balancer at idle and above and balancer seemed to be fine.Checked sway bar bushing’s and they were fine ,did have to replace 1 sway link-bushing’s were shot ,confusing is it sometimes happens over rough road but at other times just at 50-55 mph ,on both instances it goes away if I let off the gas , also checked Trans fluid and it is Brown dirty looking but no Burnt smell .What could it possibly be , Had s-10 blazer that shook like rattled like that and it turned out to be a bad Lock up converter which after the Trans blew found out that the coverter caused the Big mess

  2. Ken

    Exactly Kevin, I can’t believe I paid for this. First a 30 second ad then chalk LOL

  3. Kevin

    I know how to time an engine…. really thought this video would have more then chalking the timing mark…. most of us use a paint marker… there are young ones trying to learn.

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