Dustless Blasting

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Join Dennis Gage and Benny Lecompte of MMLJ Dustless Blasting as they examine the history of media blasting and the processes that have been created to remove rust yet avoid warping metal. They’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of soda blasting and the current best practices to achieve a “perfect surface.” They’ll also examine new blasting materials like recycled bottle glass and how to use it properly.

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4 Responses to “Dustless Blasting”
    • Customer Service

      Hello Danny,

      Steel begins to rust as soon as it’s exposed bare.

      Although dustless blasting does offer rust inhibitor product that can be added to the blasting material and will give you 72-hours to epoxy prime the surface and prevent flash rusting.


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  1. Dennis N

    We have been using Soda blasting since 1980”s in Ontario Canada on Electrical Transformers made in Canada.


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