How to Prevent Warping Sheet Metal During Media Blasting

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Duration:   5:28   mins

Media blasting sheet metal can easily lead to warped and dented metal. Mark Simpson demonstrates the proper technique to use on sheet metal parts to ensure warp-free blasting.

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5 Responses to “How to Prevent Warping Sheet Metal During Media Blasting”

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  1. Bernhard List

    Temperature is not the reason for sheetmetal warping. I can demonstrate this in my vaporblaster where I can bend sheetmetal and the temp is barely 50 degrees but when you „hammer“ sheetmetal from above you stretch the surface on one side and it bends. Now if you „hammer“ the backside you can straighten it again to some extend.
    Now „shooting“ at a shallow angle only „scratches“ the surface but does not stretch it and that avoids bending.
    Greetings, Bernhard

  2. P.Bertok

    Proper selection of abrasive and pressure is important consideration as well as variations in material thickness and types.

  3. Clay Bryant

    Or use a new laser rust remover……ten times faster and even gets the spots……..

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