Picking Up Metal Shavings

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Duration:   1:15   mins

Picking up metal shavings can be a real chore in the shop, and if left unchecked they seem to end up everywhere. So in this lesson, Mark Simpson shares one of his shop tips to make short work of all those pesky chips and metal shavings.

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4 Responses to “Picking Up Metal Shavings”

  1. Mark

    In Aerospace, we use high tack polyester tape to pick up chips left behind on benches, etc. I’ve also used a Neodymium/Iron Boride magnet on the bottom of a test tube/sample jar to remove metal flakes for later analysis, magnets work a treat for iron filings.

    • Dennis Kreuzenstein

      There is a new invention called a Shop Vacuum. It will even pick up non magnetic materials. Give on a try…;)

  2. fred

    did you get them *all*, is that some left behind or is that non magnetic dirt on the table?

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