Using Automotive Masking Tape

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Duration:   3:52   mins

Using the right tool for the job guarantees good results every time. The same is true for automotive masking tape, as there are different types for every task you need them for in restoring a classic car. Mark Simpson discusses the different types of masking tape and explains how to rejuvenate an old roll of tape that has aged and dried out.

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3 Responses to “Using Automotive Masking Tape”

  1. Dan M

    Great video and descriptions of the tapes and characteristics of them. One question is, I have seen a bright yellow tape for what I thought was auto body usages? Thanks and Best Wishes.

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  2. terrence chaplin

    also, try and hang the tape by the inner cardboard, rather than lay it on its side! dirt and dust wreaks HAVOC with the very edges of the tape , and you could get paint and solvents creeping under the tape! the cleaner the tape stays the better, shops can be dirty as hell for tape! I keep mine in baggies to help with dirt!

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