1967 Ford Mustang Upgrade

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Join the team at Tin Man Fabrication as we upgrade a 1967 Ford Mustang to Wilwood front disc brakes and install an Ididit tilt steering column. Hot rod mechanic Jim Koncker, takes us step-by-step through the process of upgrading to Wilwood performance front disc brakes, including: tear down, hub assembly, packing bearings, bracket installation and brake line install. Additionally, Jim demonstrates the process to upgrade the steering column to an Ididit tilt column including re-pinning the electrical harness, and upgrading to newer style steering joints. Finally, installation is completed with a Wilwood dual reservoir master cylinder, as Jim fabricates an adapter plate to convert this mustang from power brakes to manual for better brake feel when participating in performance driving events.

Tags: brakes, disc brakes, ford mustang, hub assembly, master cylinder, Premium Videos, Tin Man Fabrication