Mark Simpson

How to Properly Clean and Store a Respirator

Mark Simpson
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Duration:   1  mins

Properly cleaning and storing any tool in your shop ensures it will perform properly when called upon. Your respirators are no exception. We’ll look at methods of respirator cleaning and storing them that will keep them functioning like new.

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2 Responses to “How to Properly Clean and Store a Respirator”

  1. stu aull

    SERIOUSLY?!? your advice is "Clean it"!??! Well, YEAH. Thanks Capt Obvious. How bout suggests HOW? Vacuum? water? cleaning chems that are safe to use - or NOT? Nearly 2 min of my life gone and I get "put it in a plastic bag". I got what I paid for. yikes....

  2. Mark

    you didn't say anything about HOW to clean the mask. You should use an alcohol wipe to clean the parts before storing the mask in a plastic bag.

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