Classic Car Restoration: Disc Brake Overview

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Duration:   2  mins

Disc brakes are a popular upgrade for many years and makes of cars. The advantages of disc brakes include superior stopping power, improved reliability and greater ease of maintenance. Mark Simpson takes us through an overview of the SSBC brake conversion kit we’ll be installing on our ’57 DeSoto project, which includes everything we’ll need to get the job done, while still allowing us to keep the original factory 14-inch wheels and wheel covers. Whether your driving a ’50 Ford or a ’69 Camaro, upgrading your cars braking system can deliver improved braking performance and safety.

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2 Responses to “Classic Car Restoration: Disc Brake Overview”

    • Customer Service

      Hello Joe,

      Thank you for contacting us.

      Yes, At the time we ordered this kit SSBC offered either plain, slotted or drilled and slotted rotors.
      That’s the good news… Now for the bad news.
      SSBC went into bankruptcy shortly after we shot this video.
      Under new management SSBC came back, this time as SSBC-USA.
      The new management team at SSBC-USA narrowed up their product line and have turned their back on the vintage Mopar enthusiasts.
      So if you’re building a classic Ford or a Chevy, they may have something for you but the Mopar guys will need to look elsewhere.
      I would suggest either Scarebird ( ) or AAJ Brakes ( ) if you are trying to upgrade a 50’s Mopar.


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