Mark Simpson

Cleaning White Wall Tires

Mark Simpson
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Duration:   3  mins

Most classic car owners agree that keeping white wall tires looking bright white can be a challenge. Mark Simpson shares the process he uses when cleaning white wall tires to keep them looking like new on his rides.

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8 Responses to “Cleaning White Wall Tires”

  1. Matthew Dienstag


  2. Tony Halachoulis

    Diamond Bank specially says not to use abrasive or bleach based cleaners on their tires. DB says to use only Simple Green.

  3. Ken Mason

    Another old school method I have used for years is an SOS pad. It works well, it usually takes a pad for one or maybe two tires.

  4. Kevin

    Is he kidding? Spray whitewall cleaner on the entire tire, black part and all. Knowing the strength of your pressure washer, use it being careful not to damage the tire. Rinse the heck out of it. This is the part where is will actually rinse the black or discoloration out of it. If this does not not work, then I have wet sanded them with 1000 grit paper, being careful not to damage the detail of the white part if there is any. Then I follow up with another dose of whitewall cleaner. Tire dressing has a tendency to make the white part of the tire look dirty also. I do my best to only dress the black part because the dressing attracts dirt. I will admit, it is nearly impossible to only dress the black part of a whitelettered tire. I agree with the cleanser trick. I might try that next time before I go to the sandpaper. I have never scuffed up a whitewall with sandpaper or cleanser. I did one with a brass bristle brush, but that was only when I used the brass bristle brush every week on the car for two years. Come on? Use clean brushes and sandpaper of course.

  5. Melvin

    LA’s totally awesome and mr clean magic eraser will do a better job than that ! You can get both for 2.00 at dollar tree.

  6. Mel

    An easier and less expensive way to clean whitewalls and with what i consider better results , is to use LA’s TOTALY AWSOME AND Mr.Clean magic eraser ! The brown that was left around the rim area will be gone and the tire will look brighter!!!

  7. Michael

    That tire did not come clean. Still yellow near the rim.

  8. Arthur French

    is he kidding There is bkeach in that and it yellows over time. Try biodegradable simple green. I would never use a bleach product because it is an oxidizer. Abrasives score the ruber. Who is this guy?

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