Clogged Spray Paint Nozzles

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Duration: 1:02

Clogged spray paint nozzles on spray cans are particularly frustrating when you’re facing a deadline or the can is nearly full and shouldn’t have any issues. Mark Simpson shows you how to prevent your nozzles from clogging and explains why it’s important to keep a supply of clean nozzles ready.

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3 Responses to “Clogged Spray Paint Nozzles”

  1. Richard Franke

    Works super. Additionally, I like the fan spray nozzles that are on some cans.
    they are much better than those that spray a cone. Also, using an old 35mm film container (if you happen to have one) with the cover works great as you can put the cover on after the lacquer thinner is poured in and shake the container w/o spilling and increase the cleaning capabilities.

  2. Richard Franke

    I’ve done this for years however, I use one of the old 35mm film containers. The lid snaps on and off and it is not affected by the lacquer thinner. I’ve also separated the fan spray nozzles from the ’round’ sprayers in clear bottles. Works great!

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