Electrical Pins and Terminal Tools

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Duration: 3:35

Knowing how to properly disassemble an electrical pin connector will help avoid any unintended damage and allow you to quickly make changes. Mark Simpson demonstrates how to work on three popular electrical connectors and the terminal tools needed to get the job done.

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6 Responses to “Electrical Pins and Terminal Tools”

  1. Conrad Meier
    Conrad Meier

    Just curious where do I find new connectors for column harnesses or spade plugs? I am re-wiring a 68 Torino Fastback and would like to reuse the harness pieces or is it better to mace a connection from the new wiring harness to the old wires and then use the original connectors with old wires still attached?

  2. Todd Brekke
    Todd Brekke

    Hello. I am a member. Wondering if you can tell me the place to buy that set of tools and what the name of the tool set is? Thank you