How to Use a Shrinker Stretcher on Sheet Metals

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Duration:   7  mins

A shrinker/stretcher is a valuable tool in sheet metal panel fabrication, as well as fitting patch panels and other sheet metal parts. Mark Simpson demonstrates how to use a shrinker stretcher and how it can be a real time saver in the shop.

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2 Responses to “How to Use a Shrinker Stretcher on Sheet Metals”

  1. Steve

    You mentioned that you fitted your fender skirts with the shrinker /stretcher , I want to fabricate a set of fender skirts for my 50 Buick . Most fender skirts have a oval shape at the top and two 90 degree corners at the bottom . My question after I cut out my shape allowing a 1/2 or so for the flange , What tool do I use to bend the 90 degree flange all the way around the curved shape of my fender skirt ? I see how I can shrink the mettle around a 90 degree corner with making several pie cuts and then welding it back together .
    Thank you for your response ,Steve

    • Customer Service

      Good morning Steve,

      When fabricating metal it’s best to use a mix of tools and processes to achieve the results you desire. If I were going to build a set of fender skirts from scratch, I would start by hammer forming the upper curved edge on a buck made from plywood. You would get a nice edge on the metal and a shrinker/stretcher could then be used to fine tune the curvature.
      Check out all of the hammer forming videos on the site, here is a link to the introduction:

      Wrench Safe!

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