Mark Simpson

Masking Tape Tips - Aluminum Foil

Mark Simpson
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Duration:   1  mins

Here’s one of the great masking tape tips. Aluminum foil can be a great tool in the shop. Whether you’re touching up paint on the engine or covering electrical components prior to degreasing an engine, its ability to form tightly around even complex shapes will keep it in place until the job is done.

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3 Responses to “Masking Tape Tips - Aluminum Foil”

  1. Randy

    Shinny side down or up??? LOL!!!

  2. Tom Ballou

    Slick idea! Works well when doing fiberglass work with at least polyester resin.

  3. John

    Great idea. Just be sure the battery is disconnected if you're going to be foil-wrapping Alternators/Generators/anything electrical.

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