Craig Hopkins

Removing a Car Floor

Craig Hopkins
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Duration:   1  mins

In this week’s demonstration, Craig Hopkins removes the floor from a 1967 Chevy Chevelle. Once he’s finished cutting it away and lifted the body off the table, he’ll be ready to install a new floor in one solid piece.

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8 Responses to “Removing a Car Floor”

  1. brooksey815

    I am a member but video asks me to join

  2. Andy

    Worthless video and a complete waste of my time. No discussion of prep necessary, tools or technique, floor support removal or body bracing to prevent twisting (your previous response that the body did not need bracing since it was secured to the lift was laughable.) I have been viewing your free videos as a guide to whether should subscribe to your premium service. That's not going to happen based on this video. Someone needs to discuss this lackluster effort with your marketing dept. If you don't get the hint from the negative feedback on this particular video that your strategy is failing, i don't know what else can help you....

  3. Craig

    What a disappointment. I signed up and paid for basic not knowing what would actually be offered but videos like this are useless. Not every car enthusiast has a professional level shop with a lift and professional tools. Showing the average rebuilder how to do it with basic tools and a typical setup would be of far more value. Hate to say it but I agree with the other comments, not worth the time. Plus all I keep getting is repeat emails trying to get me to pay more for premium or gold services. Sorry but not wasting any more money.

  4. Andrew Estrada

    I noticed you did not install any bracing before cutting the floor out. You're not worried about the body bending out of shape while the floor is out?

  5. John Harder

    What a waste of my time stop sending me useless emails with useless videos

  6. Jon

    This was 2 min of my life that I will never get back. Is this an example of your videos? If so cancel me please

  7. Michael

    That was the whole video? I have done many of these and could have done a video 1000 times better than that. No one will learn a single thing from that video.

  8. clyde

    Well,that was informative! Not!

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