Classic Car Repair Tips: Repairs to Front Hood Gap


Craig Hopkins explains why he decides to cut the hood instead of the fender. Find out how to determine where the gap is starting to close as well as how to cut it with a plunge cut. Finish the car repair with some butt welding.

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2 Responses to “Classic Car Repair Tips: Repairs to Front Hood Gap”
  1. KEN

    Hi Craig, I am installing a quarter skin on my 67 camaro and wanted your input on butt welding it in. I am pretty good with my mug machine and have done a few patch panels with very good success. Is a good butt weld as good as a flange weld? If I flange it what would you suggest to deal it against moisture? Thanks and your videos are excellent.

    • Customer Service

      Hello Ken,

      If you are replacing a “FULL SKIN” there should be no butt welds as the factory welds are all lap or pinch welds.

      If your quarter panel is less than a full skin, the preferred method is butt welding as it is easier to hammer and dolly the weld to take out distortion.

      stitch weld, allow the panel to cool and take your time.

      If you decide to flange weld, use a weld through primer and seal up the back side of the weld with auto body seam sealer.

      Hope this helps,

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