Exhaust Manifold Graphite Coating

Duration: 3:51

Rusty cast iron exhaust manifolds or even master cylinders can be a distraction in a neatly detailed engine compartment. Paint and many high-heat coatings often don’t last in this environment and when they start to chip, peel and burn they often look even worse. Mark Simpson demonstrates how to freshen up the look of the cast iron parts with an exhaust manifold coating, dry graphite spray, that looks good and is easy to touch up.

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4 Responses to “Exhaust Manifold Graphite Coating”
  1. John Jones

    Very cool idea. But, when it dries, I take it that it will not wipe off. I mean, it is like paint and is a finished product ?
    Thanks, JJ

    • Customer Service

      Hello John,

      It does not simply wipe off, but in time it will need to be freshened up.
      I like it better than paint as it doesn’t scratch, chip, flake or burn off.
      Once dried if you run you hand over it several times it will transfer off some but the manifold will look the same.
      I have also found it very easy to touch up with a little sprayed on a rag.
      Try it out, I think you’ll like it too.

      Wrench Safe,

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