How To Make Soft Jaws For Your Vise

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Duration:   3:39   mins

The Bench Vise is an essential tool in any classic car garage, although the sharp teeth in the jaws can easily mar softer metals. Mark Simpson explains how to quickly build a set of soft jaws that can cover any vise.

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6 Responses to “How To Make Soft Jaws For Your Vise”

  1. RM

    What gauge (thickness) range of aluminum do you recommend for fabricating these soft jaws?

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  2. Hans Vige

    Mark, Excellent, Thank you for showing how to make the soft jaws!!! Will be making a set very soon!!! Also Sir, I would be honored to have you change the oil in my car, anyday!!!

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      Hi Jack,

      We do apologize, there does seem to be something wrong with the ad prior to the video. If you wait a couple minutes the video will play.


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