Installing Sound and Heat Insulation

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Duration: 17:39

Sound and heat insulation often remains unseen once your car has gone through a complete restoration, although this is one investment that will pay off many times over and give you a quieter and more comfortable ride.

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6 Responses to “Installing Sound and Heat Insulation”

  1. KEITH

    I find that aluminum tape adheres better to the aluminum backing. It’s intended for home HVAC so heat doesn’t soften the glue and it doesn’t age.

  2. Jeff

    Once the Dynamat is installed on the roof do you still use the factory type jute insulation before the headliner?

    • Customer Service

      Hello Jeff,

      You can use jute, but the Dynamat does a great job at eliminating the sound and heat.
      Although when I want a little extra quiet in the car, I use an additional layer of product from Dynamat named Dynaliner.
      It’s an adhesive backed closed cell foam so it won’t absorb water (humidity) or smells and does a great job at giving the car even more quiet.
      It is offered in different thicknesses, and I find the 1/4″ thick is best for beneath the headliner.
      And NO, Dynamat is not an advertiser nor have we received free or discounted product from them…
      It’s just good stuff that stays where it’s put, and when placing it above the headliner you don’t want it coming down later like some cheap brands do.

      Wrench Safe,
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        • Customer Service

          Hello Mike,

          Here’s what the experts had to say about your question:

          Having owned several Diesel trucks, they are noisy… if you’re trying to keep the noise out of the cab, it would be better to insulate the firewall.
          Depending on the year/make and model, of your truck there are factory hood insulators to get the job done, but I do not recommend products like dynamat or Hushmat in this location as engine heat can cause it to let loose and the additional weight may prove too much for your hood springs.

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  3. Prashant

    Todd,A form of shredded nepawspers sounds like a great green alternative to traditional insulation! I’m planning on insulating part of my house in the next month, but the area I need to insulate has a drop ceiling, and wouldn’t work well with this type of product. Do you know of anything green that might work with a drop ceiling?

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