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Restoring classic cars often involves searching for parts that have not been produced in decades. Sometimes you get lucky and that part you need is reproduced or an online search reveals a new part that has been sitting on the shelves for years. But oftentimes, some parts are not available; this is especially true on uncommon makes and models. In these circumstances often the solution is to find a similar part on a different year, make or model of car. Another option is to recreate the parts you need, as Mark Simpson did recently when he needed a new wire loom for his project ’57 DeSoto. Using an assortment of products he picked up at a local hardware store, he successfully recreated this wire loom using a piece of copper pipe and a few cans of Plasti-Dip. Using these same molding processes and a little time in the shop, countless other parts can be recreated for your classic car.

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