Fast and Easy Wire Butt Connectors

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Every so often a new product shows up that simply seems too good to be true. That is exactly how we felt the first time we saw an online video clip advertising these new wire butt connectors. Simply they are a 3-in-1 solution that includes shrink tubing, waterproof sealant and a low temp solder connector. After checking a few online sources and ordering up a 100/piece set for under $15 we couldn’t wait to test them out.

To our amazement these great little wire connectors were everything they were advertised to be. Using only a wire stripper and a heat gun (or lighter) we were able to make fast and permanent wiring repairs. They even worked great in making roadside repairs on our car trailer and to help out a friend at a car show when one of his taillight wires got snagged but stuff in his trunk. They are often sold without a brand name, so search online and you are certain to find and love them too.

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10 Responses to “Fast and Easy Wire Butt Connectors”
  1. Peter O'Grodnick

    Ticket#21521 Where did you order your the Fast and Easy Wire Butt Connectors from? I have researched these and there are many people selling them but my fear is that most are inferior. I would want to order from your source knowing that the product performed as expected. Thank you

  2. David Martin

    Ticket#21521 Looks like a great solution to a nagging problem, wire joints. Having rewired my ’57 Studebaker truck completely front to back, I had to redo a couple of joints after chasing them down. Hate to do something twice.
    Where to you get them and what are they called? Manufacturer?

  3. Leon G. Smith

    Ticket#21521 Who manufactures the “fast and easy butt connectors”? Where can they be purchased? Working on restoring an 83 Mustang GT, will be rewired. Thanks!


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